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2020 Home Cook’s Holiday Gift Guide: Giftworthy Cookbooks

If there’s one bright spot in this very bleak year, it’s that we cooked at home more than ever before.

We did it out of necessity, with restaurants closed and budgets tightened. We did it because we needed a new hobby (sourdough) or to feel comforted (banana bread). We did it because we wanted to travel, but couldn’t. We did it because we needed to keep ourselves and our families safe.

And yes, sometimes it was absolute drudgery, but other times it was an escape, a learning experience, a small win in a year when wins were hard to come by.

All that said: If there was ever a year to give a cookbook to the home cook in your life, this is the year!

Here are 10 wonderful options, from celebrated new releases to classic favorites.

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