What Does 100 Calories Look Like?

Benefits of below 100 Cal Food

Each of our bodies has different calorie needs, but what is certain is that the amount of calories out must be in line with the calories intake. Burning calories is important, the more calories that enter, the greater our efforts to burn these calories. However, there are foods that have calories below 100 calories. What is it for?

Most foods under 100 Cal are snacks, snacks that we can consume without having to fear excessive calories. Even though the calories are low, other nutrients are still beneficial for the body.

Here are the benefits of food under 100 Cal!

Many foods can be consumed with calories under 100 depending on how many servings are given. In this case, any food can meet the need for 100 calories as long as it is served properly and appropriately. But that doesn’t mean that only the serving affects calories below 100 calories.

Healthy Snacks

The main benefit of foods under 100 calories is to be a healthy snack option. Because in this way your calorie intake is met and doesn’t add much but you can still make your stomach hungry at least until dinner, lunch or even before exercising.

Bite Before Workout

Have you ever wanted to exercise but were already hungry? Foods under 100ca This will be the option to fill your stomach a little before exercising. Apart from keeping exercise safe, the stomach is also comfortable.

Nutrition is still there

Not only calories are considered, foods with calories below 100 calories still contain other nutrients and vitamins. In addition to keeping the body healthy, it also maintains a stable body weight and remains satisfied.

Selain mengkonsumsi makanan rendah kalori, Anda juga harus mengkonsumsi protein

Need High Protein? Try Beans and Nuts!

Nuts are an alternative food that is recommended for regular consumption. In addition to their good taste, the benefits of nuts for the health of the body are quite positive to make health experts recommend their consumption. Nutritional content in nuts includes vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients.

Nuts are also low in calories, making them suitable for maintaining a stable body weight. Nuts can be consumed just like that, or processed in advance such as boiled, pounded, and so on. Interested in knowing the benefits and properties of nuts? Come on, see these 10 benefits of nuts that are good for the body.

1. Rich in calcium

Nuts contain high levels of calcium. This is certainly very good for maintaining bone density and health and teeth. If you experience problems with tooth density or experience bone loss, it is best to eat nuts regularly to overcome this problem. Regular consumption of nuts will help you have rows of neat and strong teeth and strong bones that allow you to move freely without worrying about age.

2. Source of protein

No need to bother often eating expensive foods that are a source of protein such as red meat, because nuts also contain high levels of protein. Consumption of nuts in an appropriate amount will help meet the protein needs in the body. Of course, nuts just can’t meet protein needs, so make sure to eat other protein sources, OK.

3. Source of potassium

Potassium is one type of important nutrient that helps to keep the heart working well. A healthy and well-functioning heart will certainly maintain overall body health.

To meet your potassium needs, nuts can be the right choice, because nuts are a natural source of potassium. Good heart performance thanks to the support of potassium intake also means minimizing the occurrence of stroke. If you have started to feel the symptoms of a stroke, then it is better to start eating nuts regularly as a preventative measure.

4. Antioxidants

Nowadays, free radicals are increasingly spreading and threatening the health of the body. Exposure to free radicals can make the immune system decrease and make the body susceptible to various diseases. To overcome this, consume foods rich in antioxidants, one of which is nuts, so that the body is always healthy and is not defeated by free radical attacks.

5. Source of vitamin B

Sufficient B vitamins will be very useful for preventing various types of diseases. Eating nuts, which are a source of natural B vitamins, will certainly make the body more healthy. No need to worry about gaining weight after eating nuts, because the calorie level is relatively low.

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6. Good for muscle health

Maintaining healthy muscles can be done by consuming nuts regularly. This is to prevent symptoms of cramps or stiffness in the body and make your body muscles relax. Also balance it by exercising regularly, so that the muscles are always flexible and elastic, supporting maximum body movement.

7. Prevent arthritis

Arthritis is a condition of inflammation, aka inflammation of the joints. This disease usually affects those aged 55 years and over, especially women. Eating nuts regularly can help to prevent inflammation of the joints, which means preventing arthritis naturally without having to take chemical drugs.

8. Healthy heart

The potassium content in nuts can help the heart work to stay awake, which means that overall body health is maintained. Regular consumption of nuts along with other nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables will certainly be very helpful for a healthy heart.

9. Maintain brain concentration

The indicator that the brain is in good health is when the brain can easily concentrate. Especially if you often do activities that involve brain performance. To increase brain concentration, eat nuts regularly.

10. Helps control weight

Eating nuts for breakfast or as a snack has been shown to make you full longer because of their natural fat content. That way eating nuts will reduce the addiction to consuming processed foods that can increase body weight.

7 Best Types of Nuts for Healthy Diet

Physical health is the most valuable asset that should be maintained. With a healthy body, of course you can do many activities and be more focused and enthusiastic at work without significant obstacles. Maintaining one’s own health is not a difficult thing, all that is needed is sufficient consistency in doing it. 

Most people only know how to maintain a healthy body through regular exercise, even though maintaining a healthy body can also be done by consuming healthy foods, you know. You are advised to eat healthy and nutritious foods every day, which contain protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. To maintain your health, it is also recommended to eat various types of nuts.

It turns out that nuts are not only a garnish or snack, but they are recommended for consumption because they have been shown to contain high nutritional value and contain high antioxidants as well. Even based on data from the USDA, it turns out that peanuts have a high level of consumption in America.

Want to start eating nuts regularly? Come on, take a look at these 

7 best types of nuts for maintaining a healthy body

These are the best types of nuts for maintaining health

1. Peanuts

Peanuts are the most common nuts found and sold in the market. Apparently, peanuts contain saturated fat which can help your heart health. Resveratrol – antioxidant content is also found in peanuts with a very high content. Based on research by the Nurses Health Study, if you eat peanuts, you will have a lower risk of developing diseases such as cardiovascular disease, disorders of the heart organ and the blood vessel system.

2. Candlenut

There is no need to doubt, hazelnut has been known since the days of your ancestors to maintain health, especially skin, because candlenut contains Vitamin E. Vitamin E itself has the benefit of protecting your skin from damage caused by UV rays. In addition, research results also show that pecan can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and cholesterol levels in the body. Suitable for those of you who are trying to treat your skin with natural ingredients.

3. Cashews

Every Eid Al-Fitr, you will never forget to serve snacks for guests visiting the house during the open house. You can really add cashews as peanut snacks at home for guests, besides their delicious taste, cashews have the highest iron than other types of nuts. Based on data from statistics, the trend of cashew nut consumption also continues to increase, reaching 782.32 tons each year.

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4. Hazelnuts

For those of you who like chocolate, coffee drinks in coffee shops, or milk, hazelnuts are no stranger to you, because hazelnuts are one of the favorite nuts to be mixed into drinks.

As it turns out, hazelnuts are not only delicious and savory, they can reduce the risk of heart disease too! In fact, one research result shows that hazelnuts can reduce levels of bad cholesterol lodged in the body, and improve blood vessel function. It’s worth it if you choose a drink or food that pairs with hazelnuts!

5. Walnuts

Of all the nuts available, according to Healthline, walnuts have 13 benefits for the body. Walnuts actually contain very high antioxidants compared to other types of nuts. A study shows that walnuts can prevent oxidative damage from bad cholesterol, thereby making arteries smooth.

In addition, walnuts also contain high Omega-3 fats. According to the Institute of Medicine, intake of walnuts that have alpha-linolenic acid will reduce the risk of death from heart by up to 10%. Walnuts will also reduce inflammation or inflammation that results in type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, or those caused by oxidative stress.

6. Macadamia Nuts

These nuts are known to be healthy because of the high content of monounsaturated fat or monounsaturated fat. This high level of monounsaturated fat has many benefits, one of the most popular of which is to reduce the risk of heart disease. Many people consume macadamia nuts in addition to their rich taste as well as high nutritional content such as vitamin E and magnesium.

In addition, consuming macadamia nuts is also good in reducing the risk of cholesterol, including LDL cholesterol. Moreover, the American Heart Association recommends macadamia nuts as one of the nuts that can support a heart-healthy diet.

7. Almonds

Besides being consumed as nuts for snacks, almonds are also often processed into substitutes for animal milk. Eating almonds can also reduce the risk of LDL cholesterol, which in turn can protect the heart from dangerous diseases.

Almonds are also often used as a protein addition in a low-calorie diet program that is useful for losing weight and lowering blood pressure. In addition, almonds can also reduce blood sugar which often increases shortly after a heavy meal.

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