Neuro Balance Therapy

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A Powerful 10-Second Fall-Prevention Ritual Shared By One Harvard Evolutionary Biologist That Instantly Makes Your Body Fall-Proof Within Minutes?

Neuro Balance Therapy
Neuro Balance Therapy



And It All Started With This Very Brief, Yet Very Powerful 10-Second Ritual To Awaken This Deep Nerve Responsible For Keeping You Upright And Fall-Proof.

In fact, after discovering this, I realized how backwards most balance programs really are because you can do all the squats, one legged holds and more,?but if this nerve in your foot isn?t activated, nothing is going to help prevent you from falling.

It’s like building the foundation of a house without concrete. It might look stable on the outside, but one small gust of wind and everything will fall to the ground.

I shared with MaryAnne this?breakthrough information?and told her to just trust me. That everything will be alright and eventually the guard rails in her home that reminded her of her age would be taken down. She looked at me, and with depressed, sad, lonely eyes, agreed and said okay. And in that moment, I felt her pain.

This poor woman had been through hell in the recent months. And if this didn?t work, who knows what would happen to her.

So as the months passed and MaryAnne performed her rehab while following this?special ritual every morning??We were getting closer to the day for her to stand on her own without a boot or assistance.

And on June 28th, that day had come. I was grateful enough she allowed me to accompany her and her daughter to the hospital. We all had put in so much work together and just prayed for her success. And now the time had come.

We all sat down and like a gift from Heaven, once they removed her boot and MaryAnne stood up and took a step, all of us flashed infectious smiles from ear to ear.

But MaryAnne was the one smiling the most because just like that, she was walking again. And not just baby steps, but a?full, strong gait?with plenty of strength and conviction.

However, what got my hopes up was the difference she could feel in her feet and the ground.

She said,

?I could feel my toes and foot muscles firing and working. Like they?re stabilizing my entire body.?

From there, we began increasing the amount of times she used this special little ball on her foot.

Then added in some very?precise movements to further accelerate?her results, which I?ll share with you in a minute. And with each passing day and week she came into the club,

I could see her confidence growing by leaps and bounds.

Until one day she came in with her tennis racket. I asked if she was taking up a new hobby.

She just laughed, smiled and said,

?Chris, I never told you this, but I used to play tennis all the time with Mike, her husband. We?d play at least 3x per week. It brings a smile to my face, but since his death and my fall, I thought I would never play again. But now, I have the confidence to play without the fear of falling like I did for so many years. I also planned a trip to hike the Grand Canyon. I’m leaving in 3 weeks with my daughter and her husband. I can?t wait!?

Seeing MaryAnne?s transformation filled me with so much optimism and excitement. Because I stumbled upon something so incredibly simple that you would never believe could work.

But it did while being supported by mountains of research according to this world-renowned Evolutionary Biologist from Harvard University.

However, to really make sure this worked and MaryAnne?s success wasn?t just a fluke, I decided to recruit over?100 men and women online and over the age of 60?who scored high on the fear of falling index even if they?ve never experienced one or have in the past that resulted in injury.

I bought 100 of these little custom?miracle balls,?shipped them to each individual and told them to follow the same protocol I created for MaryAnne. Which started with this 10-second ritual every morning.

And after 14 days,?96% of all 100 men and women reported feeling stronger on their feet?and more stable with healthier mobility.

A few even commented how they tripped but caught themselves. Not only that, I had each individual take another fear of falling questionnaire which measured their confidence walking while going about their day.

And every single person whose score indicated they were deathly afraid of falling before, especially when they were alone, decreased by over 92%.

And now, almost all 100 participants are skipping about and enjoying life again.?Their fear is gone. And their life is back.

In fact, those who feared the most and had fallen multiple times in the past, noticed the greatest turnaround in their symptoms as their confidence levels shot through the roof.

I knew what Dr James told me was now 100% undeniably true because the proof was in the pudding. This could work for anyone?regardless of your age or situation.

And why I?m sharing this amazing story with you is because I don?t want what happened to MaryAnne and many other clients to happen to you or somebody you love. A simple trip and fall might not sound like a big deal to most, but for you, it can be terrifying and deadly.

But now, there?s no reason to live with this fear tapping you on the shoulder every minute with every step around your home.

That?s why I?ve decided to no longer keep this information and program to myself and clients.

This Has Become My Life?s Mission And Why I?d Love To Introduce To You Neuro-Balance Therapy.

The complete balance-strengthening protocol DVD series to help prevent and prepare your body for out of the blue trips and falls.

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