Healthy Diet Plan For 3 Times a Day

In a world where companies manufacture new varieties of junk food to attract customers every other day, it is challenging to maintain a healthy diet. A healthy diet does not mean to starve yourself; instead, it means eating the right amount of calories and foods that do not harm your health and body. A healthy diet means eating clean food in your body’s caloric range and not exercising excess weight. To eat clean and healthy is not just important to stay fit but also keeps us away from many heart diseases and hormonal imbalances.

‘The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.’-Ann Wigmore.

In this writing, we will discuss some healthy eating habits to instill in your lifestyle while consuming three healthy meals in a day to stay fit and healthy. It is essential to eat the right foods in your three meals every day. If you are someone who does not have enough time to make small meals to take after intervals, this article will help you; we will discuss healthy ways to take three meals daily to keep you full and away from food cravings.

Let’s learn how you can manage a healthy lifestyle by taking three meals a day.

Three meals include breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Breakfast  : You Should take breakfast within one hour of waking up.

Lunch  : You should take your lunch after three to four hours after breakfast.

Dinner : Take your dinner three hours before bedtime.

Now let’s talk about how and what to eat in three meals to help you stay fit and healthy.

1-Calorie Deficit

In a healthy diet, it is essential to eat foods that fall in the calories deficit range. So the ideal way to plan three meals is to divide your foods so that all meals together do not exceed the 1200-1500 capacity of calories.

2-Divide Your Plate

In every meal, make sure you take the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

Do not just hoard on whatever is available. It is always essential to pre-plan your meals, not only to eat whatever is available but according to your calories. Try to have more carbohydrates and fats at lunch and breakfast and less during dinner time.

3-Add More Greens And Fruits


Besides your meals, try to add a good bowl of green salads or any seasonal fruit to keep you full longer and satisfy your crunchy and sugar cravings.

4-Hydrate Yourself


Have two water glasses before eating your meals to curb down the false hunger pangs and not overeat during mealtime. Keep drinking water in the time between meals to help you avoid munching on snacks you want to munch on just due to boredom. Water helps to detoxify the body, and twelve glasses are essential to keep yourself healthy. You can also add mint leaves or lemon slices in your water bottle to give you a good taste and detoxify your body.

5-Brown Over Whites

Slowly try to shift your meals, which comprises more whole grains and browns than whites, which has a vast difference in calories. Whole grains are not just less in calories but also keep you for a longer time.

E.g., bran bread over white bread, brown rice over white rice, brown oats over white oats.

6-Portion Control


A healthy diet is not just for a week or month, but it is a lifestyle to stay fit. So if you have to attend parties or are not able to prepare yourself meals, you can always eat the available food with portion control to maintain your calorie range. Avoid taking sodas, desserts, and sidelines to excess calories instead of focusing on salads and BBQ or items.

7-Snacks or No Snack?


Sometimes you feel like eating between the three meals, and it is entirely okay. But whenever you urge to eat a snack, first gulp down a glass of water and think either its hunger or boredom. If you feel hungry even after a glass of water, you can munch on some nuts and fruit and sugar-free black coffee.

Above, we have discussed some of the significant healthy diet facts you can start applying from your next mealtime to create a healthy lifestyle.

Remember, it is not just a week or a month thing but for a lifetime, so make healthy meals with exciting recipes to keep you hooked on the right path. Do not forget to cheat every once in a week to satisfy your cravings. Cheat meals help you stay on track.

A healthy diet is all worth it. It will not just show a positive impact on your weighing scale but also your skin, hair, and overall health. ( AB )

  1. We are living in a world today where we can class some people as junkies because of the number of unhealthy foods they consume. This is why there are so many health-related issues and it is mainly because of poor diet. What you have shared is a great way to get back to a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for the breakdown on showing what a good diet consists of.

  2. I have to wait an hour after I wakeup thanks to a thryoid medication I take that says no eating until after 1 hour.
    I totally agree with shifting from whites to browns.
    Overall that is a great way to reduce calories and switch from junk food to good food. I was able to lose weight that way even without exercise. I basically slowly substituted bad for good and it worked like a charm.
    But, don’t try to go cold turkey. Do it gradually so that you get accustomed to not having those sweets and junk foods and before you know it you won’t want them anymore.
    I used to drink a 6-pack of Mountain Dew a day at one point. Now, I cannot stand drinking any sodas and drink black coffee instead. 🙂

  3. I needed this, thank you. I am trying to get better with my eating. This helped out a lot.

  4. Reply Joseph William Stasaitis
    Joseph William Stasaitis October 6, 2020 at 2:46 pm

    Lots a good ideas here although I do deviate from some of it as I do fast for the first part of the day. I rise around 4 am and work out and meditate and get right to work. I do hydrate throughout the day though. Also it is very good to eat dinner three or more hour prior to bedtime. Thanks for all of this helpful advice.

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