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A Guided Meditation for Your Feminine Voice.

Femin Essence
Femin Essence



feminEssence: A Guided Meditation for Your Feminine Voice is a complete guided meditation and visualization program designed to feminize your voice and allow you to speak from the pure essence of your feminine heart and soul. It consists of five complete downloadable sessions and a detailed User Guide to help you to maximize your results.

Here’s exactly what is included in “feminEssence: A Guided Meditation for Your Feminine Voice”

Disc 1: Relaxation & Visualization A Journey into Your Mind

Relaxation Journey

The 18-minute “Relaxation Journey” is designed to take you on a journey into your mind to unlock the hidden gems that will help facilitate your acquiring your truly feminine voice.

Visualization Journey

The 35-minute “Visualization Journey” will guide you on a journey into your imagination to help you connect with your breathing, posture, resonance and your spoken expression. This visualization experience leads you toward the kinesthetic anchoring techniques in the following three sessions.

Disc 2: Kinesthetic Anchoring The Secrets to Unlocking Your True Feminine Voice

The exercises in part 2 are much more active and much more “work oriented,” as we anchor your visualization skills more effectively.

Session 1 Posture, Breathing, Resonance

Session 2 Pitch, Melodic Intonation, Vocal Placement

Session 3 Feminine Energy/Essence, Fluidity, Confidence

The feminEssence: A Guided Meditation for Your Feminine Voice sessions will empower you to:

  1. Express the joyful essence of the woman you really are.
  2. Instantly trigger your feminine voice every time your speak.
  3. Activate your anchors to channel the feeling of your feminine voice.
  4. Be at perfect peace and ease that you are expressing yourself as the beautiful woman you are.
  5. Bring your imagination and your actual feminine voice into alignment.

Sit back, relax, and allow us to gently guide you toward unleashing your femine essence.

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