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Super Sexy Skin

Product Name: Super Sexy Skin

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You CAN have the radiant, youthful and attractive complexion you had years ago.…the one you dream about now when you look in the mirror and wonder; “why do I look like this?.. I shouldn’t look so old, so soon…”

And you can have it without risky procedures and expensive treatments. You can press the rewind button on aging naturally in 28 days… or less!

Imagine… waking up only 28 days from now – relieved about the incredible changes you’re
seeing in the mirror…

Imagine… being able to leave home 100% makeup free – looking and feeling naturally
beautiful… confidently revealing the REAL you…

Imagine… the excitement you’ll feel when your family and friends ask…

“How’s it possible for you to look SO much younger?
Your skin looks AMAZING! What did you do?”

You CAN recapture your youthful spark. You CAN look and feel
5, 10 or even 20 years younger – with my 100% natural DIY at-home
beauty system.

You’re about to discover…

“I did not hold out much hope of seeing changes to my skin after a mere 30 days but was extremely surprised (and so, so pleased!) to find that my skin seemed smoother, my cheeks “perkier”, the challenging bags under my eyes softened, and overall I felt that there was a new “tightness” that three years of nightly retinol, numerous versions of “facercise” and expensive skin concoctions could not yield. I can’t believe how different my face looks.”

“I cannot say enough good things about the Super Sexy Skincare program and Belinda Benn. I did not hold out much hope of seeing changes to my skin after a mere 28 days but was extremely surprised (and so, so pleased!) to find that my skin seemed smoother, my cheeks “perkier”, the challenging bags under my eyes softened, and overall I felt that there was a new “tightness” that three years of nightly retinol and expensive skin concoctions could not yield.

When I turned 50 menopause hit hard. I started to invest in expensive skin care products. I aggressively applied the heaviest grade of retinol I could find. Nothing helped, and my skin seemed to become thinner and more susceptible to sagging.

I tried numerous versions of “facercise”, and ended up realizing that it was changing the shape of my face (for the worse!) and my eye bags were becoming even more pronounced, and with heavy wrinkling under the eyes.

I begged my husband to let me go for under eye surgery, which he strongly argued against, and which I became fearful of when I read of people’s bad experiences with.

I decided to embrace my aging, and move ahead with a new attitude. I wanted to undertake a more “natural” regime, and move away from supporting the skin care/make up industry that is so designed to make us feel bad about ourselves.

I love that the Super Sexy Skin program is so “holistic” in nature. Rather than providing you with “hope in a jar”, Belinda takes the approach that skincare is more than just the application of a so-called miracle cream. The Shiatsu Facial Massage is amazing and I will be using it forever. The Nutrition Plan is balanced and easy to follow. The Toning Routine was a great complement to my current fitness regime. Thank you Belinda for your excellent videos. They were easy to follow and understand. You are clearly very caring and a great cheerleader for all of us participating in Super Sexy Skin.

I will happily recommend this program to anyone. I can’t believe how different my face looks. I love it! I will continue to follow it, and I cannot wait to see how I look in 6 months!

Thanks so much Belinda!!”

I’m a former executive at a high-end, well-known beauty company.

I had an absolutely shocking behind-the-scenes view of the cosmetic industry that every woman who cares about aging too fast MUST hear.

I need to show you something first.

Here I am at the ripe young age of 24 when I first started working in cosmetics.

Cute as a button, wasn’t I?

And this is a picture of me just 10 years later – after having access to the very best beauty products on the market.

I was overweight, dealt with persistent acne on and off for years, developed Rosacea… as well as other mystery rashes that were pretty darn painful (not to mention horribly embarrassing.)

My skin was looking WAY older than my actual age… to the point of not even recognizing the woman looking back at me in the mirror. It was scary!

Here’s a picture of me today at almost 50 years old -after creating and using The Super Sexy Skin Program.

I’m sure you noticed that my skin isn’t the only thinglooking better, right?

I’ll tell you more about that in just a second…

And as much as we’d ALL love to believe it…

The fountain of youth has never (and will never) come in a fancy little jar or tube.

Super Sexy Skin isn’t found in creams, gels, shots, surgery… or whatever the marketing world is trying to tell you is the answer.

The cosmetic industry knows that.

They seductively market their “solutions” – using well-known celebrities and gorgeous (airbrushed) models to keep you entranced in using their “latest breakthroughs.”

They know your desire to wake up every single morning with Super Sexy Skin is always on your mind.

That’s why they’re always trying to convince you that their latest and greatest product is The Holy Grail of Timeless Beauty.

You’ve probably learned by now that the cosmetic industry’s latest innovations (I’m looking at you Age-Defying Makeup) don’t make you beautiful.

“My skin over the last 28 days has improved in a major way. It is softer and smoother to the touch, lines have softened, and it doesn’t look so dull, and dare I say old!”

“I was very privileged to be able to take part in The Super Sexy Skin Program, which by the way lived up to its name :). I have learned so many things, not only about looking after my skin, but my health as well. I certainly didn’t go into this to get my picture or testimonial on screen, actually the last thing I wanted, but I knew I needed serious help, and what I had been doing for years was not working, because of what was reflecting back at me.

Though my skin still shows signs of wrinkles, and age, (which is due to many years of neglect) my skin itself over the last 28 days has improved in a major way. It is softer and smoother to the touch, lines have softened, and it doesn’t look so dull, and dare I say old.

The Shiatsu massage is absolutely divine. I have NEVER EVER given my face a massage before, and your instructions were wonderful. My skin after the massage feels ALIVE and has had a major improvement. I love it. Thank you for sharing this.

And I have lost 3kg. I noticed this by the way my clothes fit. Actually, I am going to have to buy some new ones, as some are just too big !!

Belinda you are absolutely inspirational, and a very lovely and special lady who has shared something that I know many women of all ages will appreciate, and obtain so much personally and physically out of it.

It has been, and will continue to be life changing for me as I am sure you can understand, and I feel that thank you does not cover it properly. I am continuing with this program, as I know that the results are only going to get better.”

It’s an unspoken and secretive formula in the beauty product world…

To create an addiction and powerful CO-DEPENDENCY on cosmetics and make-up products.

We all know at least a few women who “Never leave the house without make-up on…”

It’s one of the MOST prevalent female dysfunctions in society – and it’s disturbingly WRONG.

They actually make you feel ugly – if you don’t have any “product” on.

Have you noticed that? Have you acknowledged how NAKED you feel without product?

I have. And it’s NOT okay.

The cosmetic and beauty industries (known from this point forward as Big Beauty) have successfully made women believe that true beauty is only skin deep.

Being addicted to makeup or supposed wrinkle-eliminating creams are a totally avoidable pain – when you know the guarded secret that’s been kept from you.

“By the end of the second week my skin was already emanating a natural glow. It looked softer, my eyes had more of a sparkle, and I felt that I looked healthier. Also my stomach was no longer bloated – which was a fantastic bonus!”

“When I read about the SSS programme it was an “aha” moment. Of course good skin comes from the inside out. Just look at Belinda’s amazing skin! But I must admit that to begin with, a part of me was sceptical. Was I really going to see that much of a difference within 4 weeks?

Well, I can tell you, by the end of the second week there was no scepticism left whatsoever. At that point my skin was already emanating a natural glow. It looked softer, my eyes had more of a sparkle, and I felt that I looked healthier. The other thing I noticed was that my stomach was no longer bloated – which was a fantastic bonus!

By the end of the third week I emailed Belinda to say that this programme had given me so much more than just healthier skin. I’m sure that most women can relate to the fact that we often put ourselves last, after children, family, work, household stuff, etc. Taking the opportunity for conscious self-care, including eating well, exercise, skincare, etc. not only benefits me – it makes me a better Mum and wife. Because I feel better and more confident in my skin, it makes me feel much happier. This programme has benefited me physically, emotionally and even spiritually as I feel much more in touch with my body and what foods and exercise work for me.

A friend asked when my ‘diet’ was finishing. And I had to correct her and say this isn’t a diet. For me it’s a new way of eating, bringing more attention to the foods that nourish me and my skin, and to the foods that don’t.

Right now I’m very sleep deprived due to my teething baby and I’m not feeling 100%… YET look at the difference in my skin despite this!! I honestly was shocked to look at my before and after photos side-by-side. If this isn’t motivation to stick with the program, I don’t know what is!

Their profits would dry up overnight… and they’d go out of business – if you knew The Truth About Aging.

So they perpetuate the lies that keep you manipulated and emotionally addicted to their expensive makeup, creams, lotions, serums and injections.

I’m pretty sure you already know that… on some level.

But that awareness doesn’t prevent you from falling for the slick advertisements that Big Beauty inundates you with on TV, radio, online and magazines.

Think about how makeup is perceived in pop culture. (Just as a for instance.)

The paparazzi gets paid big bucks to snap pics of celebrities with “naked faces.”

I don’t care how secure or confident you are…

It absolutely has to affect you to know that society believes true beauty is “made up.”

You have to “paint your face” to look beautiful.

And that deep psychological programming is being triggered in every commercial you see, every line on your face… and every mistruth spoken about aging.

Like wrinkles, saggy skin, dark under eye circles that never seem to go away, a dull looking complexion, acne, discoloration, strange mystery spots, redness, weird breakouts…

…and an overall lack of radiance that just makes you look (and feel) older than you really are.

Your true, natural beauty isn’t what other people see – when they look at you.

And knowing that haunts you to your core.

It keeps you aching for a solution that makes sense…

A solution that lets who you really are effortlessly shine through.

“I cannot believe the difference only after a few short weeks. My skin is much clearer, no blotches and my pores are smaller. The biggest surprise was my neck. I encourage everyone to do this program it really, really does work.”

“Yesterday I turned 50! Everyone I tell say they cannot believe it, most say I look 40 max! But my skin was starting to get blotchy, large pores and for the first time in my life I was getting pimples regularly. I have always had dark circles under my eyes and just used a concealer and make up to hide it all every day.

I cannot believe the difference only after a few short weeks of being on this program. My skin is much clearer, no blotches and my pores are smaller. The biggest surprise was my neck. Our necks never lie about our age, mine is no exception, it was feeling and looking old all of a sudden. But this morning when I was putting on my moisturiser I noticed something very strange…. smooth as, no crepeness! I can’t stop touching it! Pretty stoked about that I can tell you.

This program is not hard; in fact it is so easy I have incorporated the shiatsu massage daily to my skincare routine. The body toning is quick and easy to do. I love the smoothies so much. While on the program I had a relationship breakdown, got the flu and started my second year of nursing at uni. But with the smoothies everyday, and the massage and body toning exercises I cut the flu in half and have got through the whole dramas without any evidence on my face!

I encourage everyone to do this program it really, really does work. What goes on inside our bodies definitely shows up on our faces. Thank you Bel for creating this program I am sure women all over the world are going to love its simplicity and practicality as much as I have.

Right, I’ll get to the point…

The big, guarded secret that Big Beauty doesn’t want you to know about is…

And one of the key toxins affecting your skin in ways that no cream will ever fix are free radicals.

These criminals are swimming around your bloodstream – stealing your youth, beauty, vitality and radiance… for their own survival.

They attack your cells thousands and thousands of times a day. Every day. Making your skin age like a rocket ship shot into space. (Which is pretty fast!)

But it isn’t just the free radicals that are pressing the fast forward button on your aging.

Everything from undigested food to too much glucose (from those blasted, yummy carbs) create a dangerous chain reaction inside of you.

Big Beauty knows that. Boy do they ever. But they just work that much harder to keep your attention on the symptoms of aging – instead of the cause. Brilliant, I know.

All of those creams, balms, tonics, serums and lotions marketed by all of the top beauty brands are typically made with chemicals.

That’s not even the half of it. I’d be here all day if I told you about every toxic chemical that’s in your beauty products.

These chemicals infiltrate the blood… and feed the nasty toxicity that’s stealing your beauty.

In case you didn’t already know…

The skin is the largest assimilative organ in the body.

Anything you put on the skin is like eating it.

“I have experienced no less than a miracle. The biggest change is my skin texture, color and luminosity. My sunspots are fading and those are not easy to get rid of. I’ve started to recapture the attention from men and even women.”

“I started the Super Sexy Skin program 30 days ago and I am amazed and ecstatic. When I did the initial skin assessment and saw my before photos I was devastated. Instead of seeing the daily version of myself in a bathroom with flattering lighting, I got to see the real deal. In a word, shocking. I thought, how can this change in 28 days? I was doubtful there would be any big changes without bringing in the “big guns’ like Botox, chemical peels or cosmetic procedures.

But I have experienced no less than a miracle. Truly. I noticed a healthier glow right away; my skin had a shiny and youthful appearance that I hadn’t seen in years. I started to recapture the attention from men and even women. I could see that men were noticing me in a way that they had 10 years ago. The biggest change in my skin is the texture and color and luminosity. My sunspots are fading and those are not easy to get rid of. My skin is soft and the color is a lot more even. Now I get by on way less make-up. I wear a little foundation on my T-zone, but my cheeks have a natural rosy color that I don’t want to cover up.

People tell me my skin is fabulous and even with my family stress going on, I am still getting incredible results. Women have asked me about my skin and how I keep it so nice! That hasn’t happened in a long time.

I can’t say enough about what this program has done for my skin as well as my confidence. I have no issue about the big 5-0 that is around the corner, I am proud of myself. I also can say I have never had work done; this has all been achieved through everyday products and food. It’s very much an inside job. And now my outside matches my inside.

Bel, this has really been life-changing. You have certainly delivered on your promise from this program!!! I just wanted you to know that.”

But there is a REAL solution.

When you realize that your beauty comes from the inside-out, it creates a paradigm-shift in the way you think. It can be no other way.

What’s truly brilliant is…

Your body is producing new cells all the time.

Your skin actually renews itself every 28 days. (Hint, hint!)

So if you start protecting your new cells from free radical and toxicity damage, the way you look (and feel) will completely transform. Again, it can be no other way.

Imagine being able to look in the mirror just 28 days from this very moment in time and seeing the most beautiful version of yourself, ever.

A powerful thought, isn’t it?

You’re absolutely beautiful right now.

But your true, natural beauty is being hidden by toxicity.

When the clouds cover up the sun… is the sun still there?

So when toxins cover up your natural beauty… is your beauty still there?

The Super Sexy Skin Program helps you accomplish just that.

The beauty of your skin is 100% interconnected with your body’s overall health.

Getting rid of toxicity (and NOT inundating your body with more of it) is the key to pressing the rewind button on your body’s age…

…and revealing your natural beauty.

Any beliefs you might have that say otherwise are just the result of really good advertising by Big Beauty.

I hope you can see that now.

But let’s forget about Big Beauty.

Their role in the story of you is over.

“I have dramatically less cystic acne (red inflamed pimples under my skin). The bumps on either side of my chin are almost gone. My double chin is disappearing and my naso labial folds (laugh lines) are decreasing.”

“I was so hopeful when I first started the Super Sexy Skin program. But I have to be honest: I’ve struggled with hormonal acne for so long, that a part of me couldn’t believe it would ever improve. I’ve tried just about everything over the years, including cutting dairy, chocolate, coffee. Different cleansing regimens, retinol-products, even adding vitamin A, D and b5 to my diet. All without the results I was so desperately looking for.

Two weeks into the Super Sexy Skin program I started seeing changes and now: my whiteheads have disappeared! And I have dramatically less cystic acne (red inflamed pimples under my skin).

You have to understand, I’m a mom, no morning person whatsoever, so doing the Shiatsu Facial Massage for over a month is nothing short of a small miracle. I watch it on my Iphone in the bathroom, after I clean my face. The different stroking-techniques combined with the use of pressure points is amazing. It really wakes up my face, I love how my face glows afterwards and the feeling of actively working against all powers of gravity just makes this an awesome start of every day. No kidding.

So what other changes do I see? First of all the lines on my forehead have dramatically decreased. I can hardly notice them now. I’ve lost a few pounds due to the eating plan (I’m 5’6″ and weigh a little under 59 kilo’s) and have seen my jawline improve dramatically! The bumps on either side of my chin are almost gone, imagine, in just 28 days!

Then I saw my double chin disappearing. Furthermore, my naso labial folds (laugh lines) are decreasing. That’s just what I wanted, and everything I was hoping for.

I have to say that Belinda’s recipes were like they’re written for me. Perfect in every way. Doing this program and reading all the excerpts really taught me what is important and I now know how to make more healthy, blood sugar and hormone balancing recipes!

So to sum it all up: I’ve been so happy and blessed to have found this wonderful program. I believe anything Belinda is up to has great potential. She really knows her ‘stuff’ and, I mean… just look at her!!”

Let’s face it (pun intended)…

When you don’t feel good about the way you look, your life comes to a screeching halt.

But once you press the rewind button on aging, everything changes. Fast!

Not to sound too over-the-top…

But this is the ONLY program you will ever need for creating the healthiest skin you’ve ever had in your entire life. Guaranteed!

The Super Sexy Skin Program works in harmony with how your body (and skin) heals itself.

Since your skin is renewed every 28 days, you have the opportunity to keep looking more beautiful than you ever have.

You can also keep aging at an alarming pace – continuing to feel trapped by the toxicity (and excess makeup) hiding your natural beauty.

You have the choice to move towards Super Sexy Skin… or away from it.

There’s obviously more to it, but that’s the essence of Super Sexy Skin in a nutshell.

In my exclusive program…

I provide you with all of the information and instruction you need for your skin to thrive.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Your skin is as unique as you are.

You need a skin renewal program that honors you… and your journey in this body.

Let me ask you a question:

How many times have you bought an expensive cream… and it didn’t work… or it even made your skin worse?

And how much money have you spent buying product after product that didn’t work?!?!

If you’re like most women, the answer’s ‘WAY TOO MUCH!’

You’re being empowered to focus on creating radiant skin from the inside-out.

“WARNING: Do not attempt this program if you want to feel and look your best! I am an esthetician and this program is amazing. Dark circles under my eyes are gone and my crow’s feet as well as my frown lines have decreased significantly.”

“WARNING: Do not attempt this program if you want to feel and look your best!

I am an esthetician and this program is amazing. It is easy to follow and easy to incorporate into any busy persons life.

My main concern was the texture of my skin. I have large pores, loss of collagen and congestion. With the Super Sexy Skin Program I have noticed decreased appearance of pores, increase of firmness and reduction in sebum production. Dark circles under my eyes are gone and my crow’s feet as well as my frown lines have decreased significantly.

I thoroughly enjoyed the shiatsu massage I performed on myself. Taking the time to not just wash my face but to massage it was incredible. I noticed freshness to my skin. I didn’t look as dull. The massage increased my circulation and brought luminosity to my skin.

The eating plan is easy to follow and has some delicious recipes. If there was ever a concern with recipes I would pull up the chart or “Cheat Sheet” of food to eat and I could keep with the suggested foods easily. I now realize how much junk I was consuming and because of SSS have developed a conscious way of eating. With the foods suggested I feel lighter, balanced and more energized.

I treated the body toning and breathing part of the program as a mediation time for me. I committed to getting up 20 minutes earlier to stretch and bring awareness to my breathing. I dumped the morning cup of coffee for these 20 minutes and have never felt better. I can feel the blood flowing and my mood get lifted as I stretch away the stress and prepare for the day.

All of this laid out for me and a diary to track progress kept me motivated. It has changed my lifestyle completely for good.”

It focuses on the foods that bring your hormones (and other systems) back into a state of balance. (Known as Homeostasis.)

In case you’re not familiar with how the body heals itself, let me quickly explain…

Your hormones are always trying to orchestrate all of your systems (especially your skin) back into their most optimal state.

Our modern diet and lifestyle of mind-blowing stress and pesticide-laden, processed foods don’t give your hormones the chance to help your body find that place of equilibrium.

So all of the toxins I talked about earlier are given free-reign to wreak havoc and create all kinds of cellular (and lipid) damage. (Stealing your beauty!!!)

The more your body spirals away from its natural state of balance, the more your hormones tend to get out of control. The result?

“This turned out to be much more than just a “program” it has actually turned out to be a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. Something that I will use for the remainder of my life. It’s that GOOD.”

“Let me first start off by saying that this for me turned out to be much more than just a “program” it has actually turned out to be a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. Something that I will use for the remainder of my life. It’s that GOOD. Now let me get to how I discovered it was THAT important.

I started out on the program like a bullet out of a gun… FAST & STEADY following it and getting results. But then the third week came along and I allowed a stressful day turn into two, three until it was the 4th week… I stopped eating right, my daily massage that I LOVE and my morning exercise routine all fell to the waste side…

I started to feel bad about missing those last days which turned into more missed days…

But what DID happen was that for once in my life I was actually AWARE of how I was ((feeling)) not only about the way my physical appearance but my emotional stability.. I was noticing that I was less energized, moody, and tired.

All the while when I was following the program, I woke up feeling good about what I was about to eat and prepare for the day, I had a routine to follow that energized me and then a facial massage that not only felt amazing but actually made me mentally look better. This program and Belinda have opened my eyes and made me aware of just how important eating healthy is and how just a little exercise really does go a LONG WAY.

So my message is this… Every day is a new one.. if you mess up or skip a day… START OVER… NEVER GIVE UP!

Thank YOU BELINDA for allowing me such a beautiful selfless gift…”

But it’s ALL 100% preventable. (Read that again.)

The Super Sexy Skin Program tells you everything you need to know about eating nourishing, hormone-specific foods – so you can start reversing the damage that’s occurred over the years…

…while preventing more problems from taking your life completely over.

Think about how liberating it’ll feel to FINALLY be in control of your hormones – instead of them controlling you. Too good to be true? Hardly!

Included in your Super Sexy Skin Program is a complete eating plan.

Because just knowing the right hormone-optimizing foods isn’t enough.

I’m giving you my favorite, delicious, mouth-watering recipes – so you can experience tons of culinary pleasure on your 28 day journey towards a drop dead gorgeous complexion.

…A journey you can easily repeat every 28 days – again and again – always revealing a deeper version of the naturally beautiful… Super Sexy YOU.

I’ve also created two fantastic instructional videos to help you tone your face, your body and produce life-changing circulation. (Which is not something I say lightly.)

The first video is my anti-aging Shiatsu Facial Massage presentation.

You’ll discover how to give yourself a natural facelift, while also increasing lymphatic circulation and dramatically easing your level of stress. (By the way… How often do you nurture your face with your own, caring, educated touch? Never, right?)

Oh, a quick word about the lymph system…

You have 3 – 5 times more lymphatic fluid than blood.

Your lymphatic system is critical to clear away the toxins in your body.

And when your lymph (which is right underneath the skin) gets stopped up like a toilet, it’s gonna show up in less-than-flattering ways in your complexion. That’s putting it lightly!

Your skin is also the largest eliminative organ. The toxicity has to go somewhere, right?

The Shiatsu Facial Massage Video shows you how to manually move that stuck lymphatic fluid (so it can dump toxins back into the blood and get them eliminated outta your body, forever.)

“I can’t describe how it feels to look in the mirror at my face, and see my face clearer than it has ever been. The wrinkles around my mouth and eyes have gotten smaller and I’ve lost a total of 2 kg.”

“A quick note to say thank you for all of your amazing work you have put into this program – its total professionalism. I can’t describe how it feels to look in the mirror at my face, and see my face clearer than it has ever been. The wrinkles around my mouth and eyes have gotten smaller and I’ve lost a total of 2 kg.

My skin was always red and irritated to the point where I always had to put foundation on. The redness in my skin has subsided and the complexion and skin tone looks more even.

This gives me more confidence I put in words. I’ve learnt that you must take time-out to pamper yourself – it does wonders to your face and body.

You’ll also get to experience a unique fusion of bodyweight movement, yoga and Pilates in my totally original Body Toning Video.

This powerful routine teaches you how to deep breathe (oxygenating your skin from the inside-out,) helps regulate your hormones, activates the parasympathetic nervous system and tones your muscles.

You can start slow… and increase your intensity level – as your body (and mind) adjusts to the moves.

It’ll be the perfect, enjoyable ritual to begin your day and produce vitality-making circulation – filling your whole being with the knowing that, “Today is going to be a GREAT day!”

You will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way it makes you feel. (And that inner-glow will shine through on your face for sure.)

You’ll also noticeably tone up those saggy parts of your legs, arms, thighs and bum. (A nice little perk, isn’t it?)

As the creator of The Get Lean Program…

…and having successfully helped thousands of women sculpt the body of their dreams…

…I’m uniquely qualified to provide the very best fitness routines with the best of ’em.

My Body Toning Video will challenge you – without making your body feel bogged down.

So you can transform your body in a pleasurable way… without feeling fatigued and sacrificing your day to accomplish it. (I hate feeling BLAH after a workout as much as anyone.)

Super Sexy Skin isn’t cookie cut.

My vision is to help women during their very different hormonal stages in life – because I know how confusing and painful these changes can be – whether you’re 28… or 48.

The hormone-optimizing Eating Plan, The Shiatsu Video and Body Toning Video are all broken down by age.

This will help YOU gain the most value out of your first 28 days… and beyond.

“I can’t say enough about Super Sexy Skin, how great I am feeling and how awesome it is to hear someone say, “hey, your face is glowing today.” Those pesky little fine lines around my eyes and mouth are slowly disappearing.”

“I can’t say enough about Super Sexy Skin, how great I am feeling and how awesome it is to hear someone say, “hey, your face is glowing today.” I know with time it is going to get even better, and I feel amazing in just a short time following your suggestions.

My face is softer yet firmer. Those pesky little fine lines around my eyes and mouth are slowly disappearing….or at least not as noticeable! I have had lots of compliments lately about how great I am looking, and I know it’s because of this program because some of these people I see on a regular basis!

I am feeling so encouraged and looking forward to the next few weeks! I have to say my favorite part is the Shiatsu massage….it is absolutely wonderful and such a reward at the end of a long day.

I have made several of the recipes, but I have also been trying to just incorporate some of the foods needed into other healthy recipes that we normally eat. We always try to eat fairly healthy (with a treat day here or there), but there are some spices and ingredients that I just never made a point to include in my recipes. For example, turmeric…I know how healthy it is, but I never thought – or made it a conscious thought – to include it in my daily cooking. I also love the basil, mint, cumin, and cilantro. I love garbanzo beans and could eat those every single day so was very pleased that they were a part of the 40s menu!

Again, thanks for Super Sexy Skin,

You are the best, Bel!!! 🙂 “

I explain how the hormones affect your skin (and accelerate aging,) while revealing the foods that help optimize your endocrine system. This Bible is designed to help women at every stage of the constantly changing hormone process. The information you’ll discover is as timeless as you’ll look and feel – when you start integrating everything I’ve exposed.

Daily eating plan tailored to your biological phase of aging, tons of easy recipes to guide you step by step (with photos… including metric and imperial measurements,) nutritional breakdown, lean eating portion guide and optimal foods chart.

Me (makeup free) demonstrating the “natural face lift” step-by-step self-massage movements. You can easily follow along in the privacy of your own home. This routine is crucial for any woman who wants to eliminate the nasty toxicity that’s stuck just underneath your skin in the lymphatic system. When you get the lymph fluid moving, all of that puffiness on your face can finally just disappear. Poof… Gone!

Easy to follow printed version of the above video – showing you exactly how to do the massage step-by-step with clear diagrams and instructions.

This fusion of Pilates, Yoga and Bodyweight Movements will increase your circulation, create space in your muscle fibers, enliven your spirit and tone your whole body. As a result, your skin will glow with a sense of wellbeing – unlike ever before.  

Memory jogger guide with how to photos and simple guidelines for safely performing each technique. Also includes my powerful breathing exercise (showing you how to correctly use your diaphragm.)

An easy to use diary system – making it simple to see and track your results. Features “how to” steps for measuring the improvement in your skin over four weeks.

Step-by-step guide that’s narrated by yours truly – taking you through the SSS materials… and explaining how to get started quickly on the path to success.

Mix and match these with the eating plan – quick, easy and yummy breakfast shakes designed to target specific skin concerns.

Homemade skincare recipes for face and body made from all natural ingredients available from your local fresh food store. These secret recipes contain live, fresh, pure ingredients that are way more potent, active and effective than 99% of over the counter products (which contain preservatives and chemicals). You’ll be shocked at how easy, cheap and effective these are– and how delicious they feel on your skin.

Reduce the chemical load in your home and create a healthy, aromatic, toxic-free environment for the whole family. I’ll show you how to use essential oils for your health, wellbeing, first-aid and what to use around the home as an alternative to chemical cleaners, sanitizers and deodorizers. Create your own super healthy, chemical-free oasis cheaply and easily.

I don’t want the price to stop you from revealing the beauty that’s just waiting to shine through.

You get everything I just described above for my limited time “product launch” price…

It’s important to me that you’re completely satisfied with Super Sexy Skin.

I want to make sure that CHOOSING to press the rewind button on your age is the easiest decision you’ve ever made.

I do NOT want your money. Not a single penny…If Super Sexy Skin doesn’t work for you.

“I am absolutely in love with the program! It is very easy to follow and it makes a huge difference in how you feel about your skin. The recipes are super easy and the food tastes wonderful.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Shiatsu facial massage and I really believe this was a huge benefit to my skin. Love the fact that I have access to it on my iPad so that I can do it no matter where I am and at any time.”

“I love how the massage routine was just 12 mins long so even with a busy lifestyle I found it easy to fit into my week. My face is glowing, the pores have minimized and my skin is looking toned and healthy.”

“The Super Sexy Skin program sounded like a dream come true. And it was. I am absolutely in love with the program! It is very easy to follow and it makes a huge difference in how you feel about your skin.

SSS takes you on a new path of caring for you and this way gives you a new feeling about your skin that gives you loads of confidence. Some parts of the skin care program effectively fights your everyday stress and helps you unwind in an unbelievable way.

The routine in skin care and Shiatsu are a natural part of my weekly life and I´m a bit surprised of how easily it happened. I think that what I am learning here is to appreciate my skin more and therefore take more pride in it!

The recipes are super easy and the food tastes wonderful. More importantly the recipes showed at least for me a whole new way of using spices in a way to get the natural flavour of the food to really come out.

The fitness program is easy and fun as are all Belinda’s fitness programs. If you haven´t been very active before this is a great way to start. If you already have a fitness program you will easily find a way to coordinate this part of the program to your own fitness program.

Starting with the Super Sexy Skin was one of the best things I have come across. It has given me more energy and a new found confidence I only dreamed of before. I do recommend this program to everyone!

Thanks Belinda, I must say SSS has already given me more than I wished for!”

“Hi Bel, you hit the nail right on the head when you talk about the beauty industry and the money that we continually invest in the so called miracle potions to find the solution for the ever growing population that never wants to look old. I had to laugh as my bathroom cabinet is filled with very expensive Estée Lauder products that I religiously apply twice a day but as yet no miracle cure.

I have always been complimented on how young and good I look for my age. However, in the last 3 or so years I have definitely noticed the face and body declining more rapidly than I would have thought possible. My face has now got fine lines around the eyes and mouth and I always seem to look tired. I want to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this program.

I love the way you are devoting your time and energy into the everyday problems of being a woman in this incredibly judgmental society we live in.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Shiatsu facial massage and I can honestly say the day after your skin is softer and feels as though it is full of moisture. I really believe this was a huge benefit to my skin and felt that a natural glow was added to my complexion over time.

My body loved the healthy, unprocessed, natural food that I was eating – so much so that I lost just over 2 kgs over the four weeks. My favourite foods were the morning smoothies and certainly something that will be a definite fixture in my eating routine from now on. Loved the fact that I had access to both my facial massage and exercise routine on my iPad so that I could do them both no matter where I was and at any time.

Once again.. A big thank you XO”

“I started on Belinda’s SSS program 6 weeks ago. I have been truly delighted with the results. My face is glowing, the pores have minimized and my skin is looking toned and healthy. It’s not just me that’s noticed – I’ve had so many people genuinely ask me what I’m doing as my skin looks so clear and radiant.

The nutrition plan is delish, no starvation fad diets just good healthy fresh yummy food. I particularly liked the smoothies and the recipe for homemade almond milk (tastier than shop bought). The workout is something that can be done anywhere by anyone of any fitness level but easy to add on top of other exercise and easy to do anywhere – I even did it while I was away for work in my hotel room.

However it was the face massage routine that was a big winner for me and I believe what made the biggest difference (as I already followed a reasonably healthy eating plan and exercised regularly). I did the skin massage routine 3 times a week not only did it make a visible difference after just a week I also found it an amazingly relaxing ritual. There is something very meditative and restorative about the touch of your own hands. Also I love how the massage routine was just 12 mins long so even with a busy lifestyle I found it easy to fit into my week. It was a great way of winding down before I went to sleep and I found it improved my sleep (true story).

I honestly cannot endorse this SSS program enough. A great way to focus on you, your healthy and at the end of it look glowing with youth and vitality. As I said at the beginning I’m totally delighted with the results – I won’t say shocked as I pretty much know any program from Belinda is going to deliver on its promise because Bel knows women, health and beauty. You just have to look at her to see she is a walking role model and proof of the results.”

There’s one thing I need to make totally clear…

You know those expensive little jars with some sort of miracle cream inside?

Cost does NOT equal effectiveness.

I bet that creates an immediate change in the way you perceive the value of those fancy, expensive products that Big Beauty sells as some sort of miracle, right?

The actual ingredients that could actually make a difference for your skin are buried in minuscule and ineffectual amounts – underneath tons of plain water, harmful oil and chemicals. So you’re not even getting what you think you’re getting. Wicked, huh?

Why the high-end price tags?

The rest goes to branding, marketing, advertising, PR… you know… whatever it takes to make you feel ugly – so you keep shelling out your cash for stuff that doesn’t work. (And CAN’T work!)

Again, according to my insider contacts…

We’re not talking chump change here.

I used to see it ALL THE TIME when I was on the sales floor.

And ladies, let’s get real…

Those Botox injections do NOT make you look beautiful. They actually take away from your natural beauty. They’re like admitting to the world, “I’m insecure about how quickly my complexion is aging!”

It’s always painfully obvious when a woman gets Botox. And truthfully, it makes me sad, because I want to shout out to them, “Just press the rewind button! Your true beauty comes from within!!!”

The beauty of Super Sexy Skin (pun intended, again) is…

I’ve watched women choose to stay emotionally addicted to cosmetics, rather than embracing a better, long term solution for anti-aging.

I want more for you. Because you absolutely deserve it. You know that, right?

I’m not saying that you should abandon your skin care ritual.

I’m simply inviting you to realize that those topical, toxic, heavily-marketed, non-solutions will never turn back the clock on your complexion.

True beauty comes from the inside-out. (Aging is NOT inevitable!)

You have to give your body the tools to keep renewing itself – so your skin looks amazing.

Super Sexy Skin was developed to give you those tools.

Please, declare you’re worth it.

“This program has been absolutely amazing for me. It gave me structure, it gave me guidance, it gave me support… and most importantly it gave me something quite priceless… It made me feel good about myself.”

“This program has been absolutely amazing for me. I really, really needed this change in my life and it was something that came at the perfect time. It gave me structure, it gave me guidance, it gave me support… and most importantly it gave me something quite priceless… It made me feel good about myself.

I know this is really random, but around the same time that I started Super Sexy Skin, I also started doing Pilates and getting back into singing lessons. I can 100% confirm that with the help of Belinda’s program I have shown great improvements in both those areas. Waking up every second morning to do her morning body routine not only set me up for the day but also continuously activated my breathing which in turn helped my singing.

The routine also strengthened my core which in turn helped me in Pilates. At my last singing lesson this week, my singing teacher said to me that she has never had a student that has shown so much progress and it all has to do with the breathing and also the confidence that I was regaining with the SSS program. When I started, I was having problems sleeping and Belinda without question just guided me along with her very own sleeping tips. The support you get from her will be second to none. It is such an easy program to follow, with written and video guidance all the way through. And not to mention I also lost 2.5kgs! And her program has that flexibility. Find what works for you and stick with it.

What Belinda offers you is more than just good skin. She is a wonderful coach and person and I highly recommend everyone to do this program. There are so many wonderful things about this program and I hate being a cliche person but I promise you that you will notice and feel a change internally and externally. I hope you take the step.”

Super Sexy Skin is why I feel more beautiful and sexy – at 50 years old – than I ever have in my entire life!

I can help you do the same… guaranteed.

To Pressing The Rewind Button On Aging!

Belinda BennYour Natural Beauty Transformation Coach

P.S. When your skin looks radiant – without makeup, it changes everything. It can’t not. Your morning ritual shifts from covering up the symptoms of aging… to enhancing your natural, timeless beauty. That’s what’s on the table for you RIGHT NOW.

P.P.S. It took a lot of courage for me to blow the whistle on the cosmetic industry. It puts a lot of attention on me… and not all of it good. But it’s REALLY important for me that you have the authentic answer to easily having life-long Super Sexy Skin. Please, take advantage of this revolutionary program – before it disappears.

P.P.P.S. I want you to think about that first time you step outside with little or no makeup… and look better than you ever did with product on. Every woman, young and mature, will look at you with envy and admiration. And men… oh boy THE MEN! They’ll see the goddess of their dreams. Sure, maybe you’re married or with someone, but doesn’t every women love to receive positive attention? Don’t worry, I won’t tell.

P.P.P.P.S. Remember, you’re totally covered by my 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you’re not seeing the most magnificent, beautiful, radiant, ageless version of yourself… just 28 days from now, I WANT to give your money back. It’s as simple as that. On the other hand, WHEN you reveal the Super Sexy YOU, I’d love to see the results. Take some before & after pics and send them in. Here’s my email. Your story will inspire other women to completely transform their skin, their bodies… and their lives… just like you!

© 2014

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

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