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Want to Healthy ?Eat More Vegetables

Want to Beautiful Shiny Health ?

Expand to eat vegetables. This is because this intake contains various components needed to strengthen hair and maintain its shine, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, beta-carotene, lycopene, and antioxidants.

Although healthy, unfortunately there are still many people who eat less vegetables everyday. For those of you who are starting to want to change their diet, here are tips that can be tried.

Place vegetables where they can be seen

Sometimes, we are lazy to process vegetables if we don’t provide them in the refrigerator or even forget that we still have vegetables in stock. So, so that we are more motivated to cook and eat them, put the vegetables in a place that is easily seen.

Choose a new type of vegetable so you don’t get bored

We need vegetables every day. So, so you don’t get bored, don’t just eat the same vegetables. Choose a variety of vegetables that come in different colours and shapes, from green vegetables like spinach to orange ones like peppers.

Do not choose potatoes as vegetables

Even though they are vegetables, potatoes are also rich in carbohydrates which will make it easier for you to feel full. Thus, your desire to eat vegetables decreases. Choose green leafy vegetables as the main target.

Cook vegetables as the main intake

Try to make vegetables as the main food. Play creative recipes that can make your vegetable preparations delicious, healthy, and not boring. Experiment with many types of vegetables to make these dietary changes fun.

After knowing more about the benefits of vegetables, you should no longer be lazy to eat these healthy foods. Make sure the amount covers at least half of your dinner plate. Don’t forget, a healthy diet must also be accompanied by regular exercise.

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